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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

April was an incredibly busy month at Fulfillment House. We shipped 14,048 orders! Over 5,000 orders were shipped in two days during author Charles Payne’s April town hall special promoting his books. Thanks to our associates’ hard work pre-packing inventory,

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Having Fun While Getting the Job Done

Fulfillment House associates shipped 7,116 orders in March and continued to work hard, filling our shelves with pre-packed inventory. Associates also continue learning how to operate our printing equipment as the demand for our Print-for-Pay services grows. Our Operations Supervisor,

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Dillon sitting at a table with puzzle games.

Associate Spotlight: Dillon

Name: Dillon Age : 38 Dillon is another familiar face around Fulfillment House. He has been a part of the team for 4.5 years. He loves being at work and doing all the many tasks here, but his favorite activity

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Print for Pay Logo

Printing, Stocking, and Sponsoring

We are excited to see our Print-for-Pay business continue to expand and to train more of our associates on the new equipment. The community response has already been fantastic, and we expect the business to continue to grow quickly. We

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Ashley, an associate at Fulfillment House.

Associate Spotlight: Ashley

Age : 30  Ashley has been an important part of our Fulfillment House team for five years now. She is a huge help and does a little of everything, but says her favorite work task is packaging books and the

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Fulfillment House associates pose with a box of packaged books.

Fulfillment House is Busy in 2024

January was an incredibly busy month for us at Fulfillment House. We filled an impressive 23,434 orders.   Financial journalist and TV personality Charles Payne held a quarterly town hall in January, which led to a large boost in orders for

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Associate Spotlight: Blaire

Name: Blaire | Age : 28 Blaire was one of the original associates hired by Fulfillment House, and we’ve been lucky to have her working with us since we first opened our doors. She is a huge help with many

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Mackenzie Nelson
Mackenzie Nelson

Just left us a 5 star review

The Fulfillment House brings great pride to Kearney, MO! It has provided an amazing work place for adults with special needs. Not only is it a high-energy, fun place to work, but the associates are also providing a needed service adding value to their work. I highly encourage everyone to get involved whether you have an hour a week to volunteer or you have shipping needs. You will definitely leave with a smile.

The Fulfillment House is an incredible non for profit organization! They provide employment for individuals who have developmental disabilities. These associates are able to fulfill orders and ship them out for businesses in our community. Amazing mission!

The Fulfillment House is an amazing organization, providing great services with dedicated staff and associates. Thanks for all you do for the community.

Great business!

Fulfillment House is an amazing opportunity for our community and the employees of the Fulfillment House.

It’s always a pleasure talking to the associates! The managerial staff are always easy to work with on any issues that come up, although there are few of those in my experience, and they are always professional. I will recommend Fulfillment House over and over again!

Fulfillment House is a great community resource that provides valuable fulfillment services to businesses, while providing meaningful employment to adults with varying abilities.

What a wonderful amenity for our adults with special needs. This is a gem in our small community!

This is a very inspiring business. I love that they reach out and have this available to the community!

Such a wonderful business with an amazing mission! The associates are so loved by the community and customers they serve!

I love the mission and values of Fulfillment House. They are special people providing quality services.

This is a wonderful business in the Kearney community. Their great service is evident in everything they do.

Fulfillment House provides fantastic services while also providing meaningful jobs for their employees! They truly live out their mission to the fullest!

A wonderful organization doing amazing things within the community!

The Fulfillment House is a wonderful addition to the Kearney community. They also provide job opportunities to adults with special needs. I encourage you to use them for all of your fulfillment and shipping needs!

Inspiring local business doing amazing work within the community

A high quality fulfillment organization with dedicated staff and Associates! Very customer friendly.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Fulfillment House here in downtown Kearney. This organization remains committed in providing true employment to adults with special needs. Additionally, the associates and their volunteer board remain amazing community partners active in our community. I would encourage any business with a fulfillment service need to consider this organization. Not only will you receive quality work, but you will help make a difference in our community and help make dreams come true for the amazing associates. Mayor Randy Pogue City of Kearney

Great place for companies to partner with individuals with developmental disabilities by using Fulfillment House for their packaging needs. The associates love working there and are very proud of their accomplishments in providing a quality service. Fulfillment House also has strong leadership behind the scenes and great community involvement and support. Highly recommend any business to partner with Fulfillment House and continue to support this very special group of individuals while taking care of your own business.

The Fulfillment House is a wonderfully inspiring place where people of all abilities are given employment opportunities. They also learn many important life skills.

I love how they reach out into the community. They are a very inspiring group.

The Fulfillment House not only fulfills orders, but they offer an amazing work environment to adults with varying abilities.

Our daughter has worked at FH since it opened over 4 years ago. She has learned so may new skills and loves working with her friends. Kearney is such a great community and the way it has embraced FH is amazing.

The Kearney community is a better because of an organization called The Fulfillment House. Thanks for all you do to help adults with special needs. It truly is a wonderful place.

The Fulfillment House is a non-profit fulfillment services business that gives jobs to special needs young adults. The story of this business is incredible. The service is very thorough with high-quality execution. If you need fulfillment services, this is absolutely the partner for you. I highly recommend them!