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Common Questions

In our world of technology and online shopping, fulfillment services are essential for growing businesses. Often times companies, especially those that are ecommerce based, do not have the capacity to warehouse and package their own orders. Because of this, fulfillment companies work directly with businesses to offer many different solutions for their inventory and shipping needs.
We provide everything from inventory and warehousing needs to filling, packaging, and shipping. All of which takes place in a fun, energetic environment.
Yes! Fill out the form below or contact us directly at support@thefulfillmenthouse.org so we can learn more about your project and how Fulfillment House can help!
  • What is my monthly order volume?
  • What marketing initiatives do I have in place that may increase my monthly volume?
  • How much product am I ordering at a time and how much space do I need to warehouse it?
  • What packaging do I use?
  • What are the standard weights and dimensions for my shipments?
  • Are my shipments all unique or a standard ‘kit’?
  • If unique, how many different SKUs do I have?
  • Am I shipping internationally?
  • What ecommerce platform/order processing system am I using?
Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or email support@thefulfillmenthouse.org to set up a discovery call to learn more about your needs and how Fulfillment House can help!
At Fulfillment House, we aren’t just another fulfillment center. Thousands of companies offer the same services as us, but we are unique in that our work directly impacts our mission. If you work with us not only are you receiving incredible service, you are also providing our associates with meaningful and enriching employment opportunities. So why not take your existing business need and let it fulfill dreams and ultimately change the lives of our associates?

Meet Our Staff and Board

Kurt Hamilton
Executive Director

Kurt grew up in Springfield, Missouri but now resides in the KC area for the pursuit of his career. As a resident of Kearney, Missouri, he serves as the Executive Director for the Kearney Enrichment Council (KEC), a local non-profit dedicated to improving their resident’s quality of life. Kurt graduated from Ottawa University where he earned his undergraduate degrees, and most recently graduated with his Master’s in Business Administration from Ottawa University as well in 2019.

Kurt has always been passionate about serving others, so that is what drew him to his current position at the KEC. To accomplish its mission, the KEC focuses on five key areas supporting over 50,000 people a year. The Fulfillment House and the KEC share similar values and are dedicated to serving the community around them which is what peeked Kurt’s interest in serving The Fulfillment House. He is honored to be a member of both organizations.

Growing up in a small town, Kurt feels he has the ability and desire to bring the feeling of a close-knit community to the heart of Kearney. He makes it a priority to continually bring fellowship, support, and a sense of belonging to the people he serves through new programs, events, and amenities.

Abigail Deiter
Operations Supervisor
Abigail grew up in Kearney, MO, and is glad to be back in her hometown. Abigail earned her B.M. in Vocal Performance from Millikin University and completed her M.M. in Opera Performance at Wichita State University. After returning home to Kearney, Abigail was excited at the opportunity to work with some familiar faces at Fulfillment House. She is passionate about creating an environment that is inclusive to all people and helps them thrive. Whether filling orders or planning the next activity for the Associates, Abigail works with energy and is excited to help Fulfillment House and the Associates grow.
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Mackenzie Nelson
Mackenzie Nelson

Just left us a 5 star review

The Fulfillment House brings great pride to Kearney, MO! It has provided an amazing work place for adults with special needs. Not only is it a high-energy, fun place to work, but the associates are also providing a needed service adding value to their work. I highly encourage everyone to get involved whether you have an hour a week to volunteer or you have shipping needs. You will definitely leave with a smile.

The Fulfillment House is an incredible non for profit organization! They provide employment for individuals who have developmental disabilities. These associates are able to fulfill orders and ship them out for businesses in our community. Amazing mission!

The Fulfillment House is an amazing organization, providing great services with dedicated staff and associates. Thanks for all you do for the community.

Great business!

Fulfillment House is an amazing opportunity for our community and the employees of the Fulfillment House.

It’s always a pleasure talking to the associates! The managerial staff are always easy to work with on any issues that come up, although there are few of those in my experience, and they are always professional. I will recommend Fulfillment House over and over again!

Fulfillment House is a great community resource that provides valuable fulfillment services to businesses, while providing meaningful employment to adults with varying abilities.

What a wonderful amenity for our adults with special needs. This is a gem in our small community!

This is a very inspiring business. I love that they reach out and have this available to the community!

Such a wonderful business with an amazing mission! The associates are so loved by the community and customers they serve!

I love the mission and values of Fulfillment House. They are special people providing quality services.

This is a wonderful business in the Kearney community. Their great service is evident in everything they do.

Fulfillment House provides fantastic services while also providing meaningful jobs for their employees! They truly live out their mission to the fullest!

A wonderful organization doing amazing things within the community!

The Fulfillment House is a wonderful addition to the Kearney community. They also provide job opportunities to adults with special needs. I encourage you to use them for all of your fulfillment and shipping needs!

Inspiring local business doing amazing work within the community

A high quality fulfillment organization with dedicated staff and Associates! Very customer friendly.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Fulfillment House here in downtown Kearney. This organization remains committed in providing true employment to adults with special needs. Additionally, the associates and their volunteer board remain amazing community partners active in our community. I would encourage any business with a fulfillment service need to consider this organization. Not only will you receive quality work, but you will help make a difference in our community and help make dreams come true for the amazing associates. Mayor Randy Pogue City of Kearney

Great place for companies to partner with individuals with developmental disabilities by using Fulfillment House for their packaging needs. The associates love working there and are very proud of their accomplishments in providing a quality service. Fulfillment House also has strong leadership behind the scenes and great community involvement and support. Highly recommend any business to partner with Fulfillment House and continue to support this very special group of individuals while taking care of your own business.

The Fulfillment House is a wonderfully inspiring place where people of all abilities are given employment opportunities. They also learn many important life skills.

I love how they reach out into the community. They are a very inspiring group.

The Fulfillment House not only fulfills orders, but they offer an amazing work environment to adults with varying abilities.

Our daughter has worked at FH since it opened over 4 years ago. She has learned so may new skills and loves working with her friends. Kearney is such a great community and the way it has embraced FH is amazing.

The Kearney community is a better because of an organization called The Fulfillment House. Thanks for all you do to help adults with special needs. It truly is a wonderful place.

The Fulfillment House is a non-profit fulfillment services business that gives jobs to special needs young adults. The story of this business is incredible. The service is very thorough with high-quality execution. If you need fulfillment services, this is absolutely the partner for you. I highly recommend them!